Vedic Gem Therapy - Heal your Chakras/Energy Centres using Jyotish Gems as per Indian Astrology for a better life.

Chakra Therapy with Natural Gemstones –Balance the Energy Centres of the Body for an optimized living!

How to Heal your Chakras/Energy Centres using Jyotish Gems as per Indian Astrology for a better life.

Do Gems work - No They don’t for 90% of the people

The healing powers and mystique of Gemstones have enchanted mankind since centuries. Ancient Vedic scriptures talk about gems and their healing properties. Ayurveda, which is the traditional Indian medicine, extensively mentions of medicinal preparations using natural Gemstones. Praval Pishti (Made from Red Coral), Vajra Bhasma (Made from Diamond) and Muktha Pishti (Made from Natural Pearl) are some of the well known examples.

What are the Chakras/ Energy Centres?

According to traditional Indian medicine, the human body is made up of 7 primary chakras. Chakra basically means wheel, and chakras are believed to contain the life force energy and considered to be the Prana in the human body. Chakras are energy centres located along the spine of the human body, starting from the base of the spine and going to the crown of the head.

Pictorial Representation of the Chakras/Energy Centers in the Human Body

An Introduction to the Primary 7 chakras and the Gemstones of Each Chakra:

1) The MULDHARA chakra or Base chakra, which is located at the Perineum/Prostrate and associated with the testes/ovaries. This is also called the Root chakra, and if the root is weak, the tree will also be weak. This chakra controls the whole physical body. The cosmic colour is Red.

Natural Ruby Ruled by Sun can Balance the Muladhara Chakra The Muladhara Chakra

The emotion that affects the functions of the Muldhara chakra control is fear. One of the gems that can heal and energise that Muldhara chakra is the Natural Ruby, the gem of the King of all planets and the planet that is associated with strength – Sun.

2) The SWADHISTHANA chakra or the sacral chakra, which is located at the Sacrum/Coccyx and is associated with the pancreas. This chakra controls and energises the sexual functions and organs. The cosmic colour is Orange.

Natural Pearl The Gemstone of Moon Can balance the Swadishtana Chakra The Swadhisthana Chakra

The emotion that affects the functions of the Swadhithana chakra is Guilt. One of the gems that can energise and optimise this chakra is a Natural Pearl, the gem of the planet of the Mind and soul and emotions – Moon.

3) The MANIPURA chakra or the Solar Plexus chakra, which is located at the region of the Adrenal glands/Navel Area. This chakra is responsible for the upward flow of energies, and controls blood pressure. The cosmic colour is Yellow.

Organic Red Coral is used for Manipura Chakra Healing Manipura Chakra - The Solar Plexus Chakra

The emotion that affects the smooth functioning of this chakra is Shame. One of the gems that can energise and heal this chakra is an Organic Red Coral, the gem of the planet of youth and energy and the strength of the zodiac – Mars.

4) The ANAHATA chakra or the heart chakra, which corresponds with the Thymus gland located at the chest/Heart area. This chakra has the ability to manifest all that your soul desires, and is associated with love and compassion. The cosmic colour is Green.

Emerald The Gem of Mercury is sued for healing the Anahata Chakra Anahata Chakra - The Sacred Heart Chakra

The emotion that disturbs this chakra is Sorrow. One of the healing gemstone for this chakra is a Natural Emerald, the gem for the planet of Communication – Mercury.

5) The VISHUDDA chakra of the throat chakra, which corresponds with the Thyroid gland/Throat and neck area. This chakra is associated with the judgement of right and wrong, creativity and self-expression, truth and lies. The cosmic colour is Blue.

Natural Yellow Sapphire For healing the Throat Chakra Vishudda Chakra - The Throat Chakra

The emotion that upsets the flow of energy through this chakra is Lies. One of the gems that can correct this is the Natural Yellow Sapphire, the gem of the planet of Truth and Justice – Jupiter.

6) The AJNA chakra or brow chakra, which is linked to the Pineal gland/Third eye area. This Ajna means command. It is also the point where Shiva and Shakti become one. The cosmic colour is Indigo.

Diamond also known as Vajra aids in the healing of the Ajna Chakra Ajna Chakra - The Chakra Where Shiva and Shakti Become One!

The emotion that interrupts the flow of energy through this chakra is illusion or Maya. One of the gemstones that help to clear the blockages of this chakra is a Natural Diamond/White Sapphire, the gem of the planet of beauty and luxury – Venus.

7) The SAHASRARA chakra or the Crown chakra, associated with the Pituitary gland/Top of the head area. This is the chakra where the Kundalini is united with the cosmic energy. The cosmic colour is Violet.

No wonder that Blue Sapphire/Neelam with its powerful energy is used to balance the crown chakra Sahasrara Chakra - The crown Chakra

The emotion that blocks this union is attachment, and one of the gemstones that help to remove these blockages is Natural Blue Sapphire, the gem of the Karmic planet – Saturn.

Even though nodes, Rahu and Ketu are not considered planets, they are still seen as the representation of the Ultra Violet and Infrared rays.

Gemstone of Rahu is Natural Hessonite Rahu and Ketu Energy in the Light Spectrum Gemstone of Ketu is Natural Cat’s Eye

It is not just a coincidence that there are not only 7 primary chakras and 7 basic colours, but also 7 basic planets according to Vedic astrology and traditional Indian medicine!

The KURMA PURANA states that the seven planets are to be seen as condensations of the seven cosmic rays. And the greatest condensation of the cosmic rays is in gems.

Each planet is also represented by a cosmic colour, as each planet represents a chakra, and the gemstone corresponding to the respective planet is believed to stimulate the corresponding chakra by harnessing the corresponding cosmic colour! How fascinating is the world of ancient Vedic wisdom!

Chakras - Controlling Planets and Cosmic Colors

Planet Cosmic Color Chakra
Sun Red Muldhara
Moon Orange Swadhisthana
Mars yellow Manipura
Mercury Green Anahata
Jupiter Blue Vishudda
Venus Indigo Anja
Saturn Violet Sahasrara

The Vedic horoscope is also an indication as to which planet and chakra of an individual has to and can be stimulated and balanced by gem therapy for the optimization of the mind, body and soul. And in the hands of a competent Astro – gemmologist, this can work wonders in a person’s life and can help in optimizing materialistic, emotional and spiritual desires!

One should be cautious, sure and responsible while implementing Gem Therapy. Just as Gems can balance the Chakras and lead to harmony similarly wearing incorrect gemstones with incorrect weights can cause imbalance and disturbance.